Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scotland Part 3 Dunnottar Castle

The Family Castle

banished from home

but, first, we had to stop on our way up from Edinburgh, in this love town and have breakfast.
"Breakfast" it's all you had to say, there is only one Breakfast in all the UK, (except vegetarian, and that's just a version of the same thing)
supplies for our picnic down the road
Love that little car, 45mpg (although the 10$ a gallon was hard to swallow)

My understanding was that this temple was built to satisfy the Romans, after they destroyed a temple to build the castle, but my Dad says it was built to satisfy a woman... either way: Romans, Women,... I guess you have to build stuff to satisfy them.

Well, this is the only way out and we have a long way left to go.

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